Aero Bin Composters

Aero - bin com-posters will convert our daily biodegradable waste into manure. In this manner, all biodegradable waste can be treated. Activated microorganisms are used for aerobic waste management process. Anaerobic compost bin, under the correct condition, creates a lot of heat which can kill all sorts of seeds and pathogens. Different models are available with us varying Daily input capacity is 10, 20, 30 kg per day. All the models have an upgraded version which is attached with boosters and pathogen traps. This will boost the composting process effectively.
The compost bins need very less space. It can be placed on the terrace having proper shade. The compost unit doesn’t need any monitoring. The house waste can be deposited into the bin as a layer every day. When one bin is full of different layers, the bin is left intact for 90 days and all the waste will be aerobically converted into quality compost.

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