Re Toilets

Looking for an extra toilet facility in your backyard, or at your commercial setup? Here is the cheaper and easiest solution for you. Readymade Portable toilets made of FRP and Nylon sheet materials are available at affordable prices. When ready to use toilets are available why should one go after civil works? The product comes in a compact size and consumes very less space. Since legs are provided at the bottom of the product, it can be placed at any flat region and can be easily relocated.
Give us a call and confirm the order, your toilet is ready at your place within two weeks.
Portable toilets are also available for rentals. Contact us and block your dates.

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  • Prefabricated
  • Easy to install
  • Single moulded indian toilet basin
  • Washbasin/Exhaust fan options
  • Toilet attached with 5FPD digester is also available
  • Category: Portable Toilet