Solid Waste Treatment System

      We offer a Domestic biogas plants and compact biogas plant which uses waste food rather than dung/manure as feedstock, to supply bio gas for cooking. Bio gas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Domestic biogas plants and compact biogas plant protects the earth's natural resources and significantly lower the greenhouse effects on the earth's atmosphere
We are engaged in manufacturing & supplying a wide range of biogas plants to facilitate the domestic as well as the industrial sectors. In this range, we offer small digesters, domestic biogas digesters, gas storage balloons and many more which help the rural as well as urban livelihood up to great extent.
With the help of trained technicians and educated biotechnologists, we provide a broad array of mini bio gas digesters (Flames of Methane gas). These products are used either for direct burning or can be used in generators. These digesters help in various purposes and are used in rural as well as urban areas.