Training on Solid waste management for Schools

Solid waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams inIndia- with a growth rate of 10% per annum- the generation of Solid waste isincreasing exponentially every year. This can be attributed to globalization ofthe economy making electronic products an integral part of our lives. Also,India’s low manufacturing costs, skilled labour, raw materials, availability ofengineering skills and opportunity to meet demand in the populous Indian markethave contributed significantly to facilitate the growth of the electronicsindustry. Thus, Solid waste management has become an immediate and long termconcern as its unregulated accumulation and recycling can lead to majorenvironmental problems endangering human health.

Vivesty Green recognizes this need and has designed hands-ontraining programme on Solid waste  Management For School and Institutions acrossKerala . The programme will cover issues and challenges, policies, regulations,effective strategies and best practices in collection, dismantling andrecycling of end of life of Solid waste. The programme will also focus on theExtended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and how can it be implementedeffectively.

The objective of the programme is to build a cadre ofprofessionals for efficient Solid waste management. The programme will consistof lectures, class exercises, group work, Q&A sessions and field visits.

What participants will learn?

1. Introduction to Solid waste: environmental and socialissues
2. Understanding Solid waste policy framework (existing and draft Solid wasterules)
3. Concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
4. Good practices and case studies in collection and recycling
5. Strategy for better Solid waste management