Eco Friendly Napkin destroyer

 Eco Friendly Napkin destroyer-a simple, cheap and Eco-friendly machine to allow women to burn their used sanitary napkins. 

 Eco Friendly Napkin destroyer contains an accumulationchamber, the base of which is made of a mesh, and can be filled with up to 20used sanitary napkins. The fire is lit using dry grass or paper through a holelocated right underneath the mesh. The hole also allows oxygen to pass throughto sustain the burning.

The material prevents any foul odour and transmission ofairborne bacterial diseases. The only residue is ash, which can then be used asa fertilizer, and is easily dissolvable in water.
While many waste experts say incineration of sanitary napkins leads to toxicemissions.

An average weight of a sanitary napkin is 6-8 grams. And 85%of that is made of wood pulp, paper and other organic matter. The syntheticpart is only the upper layer. Moreover, in the incinerator; the temperaturedoesn’t go beyond 300 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, the 15% ofpolypropylene that is present just shrinks. It doesn’t convert it into anyharmful matter, which it will if the temperature is more than 470 degrees Celsius