How waste management kit works ?

Waste management kit works with adding effective micro organisms. Inactive effective micro organisms needs to be activated before using . These are the steps to use waste management kit.


1 Separate your edible kitchen waste (vegetable peels, fruit peels, and small amounts of wasted cooked food) in a container

2 Collect dry organic matter (dried leaves, sawdust)in a small container

3 Take container which is provided with vivesty compost kit and line the bottom with a layer of soil or dry leaves.

  4. Now start adding food waste in layers alternating wet waste (food scraps, vegetable and fruit peels) with dry waste (straw, sawdust, dried leaves)

  5. Spray the activated effective micro organism into the waste materials

  6. Keep the container lid in its place and this process can continue till the container is full.

7 Once the container is full, then we can go for next container

  8. Small the pieces, faster the composting

9 One could also use an aerobin composter which is having minimum capacity of 25 kg per day having compressor attached with the system for more efficiency. This is more suitable for apartments, hostels, and other institutions.

10. Neem oil and teem powder can be used during fermenting to expedite the process and to keep rodents away