Why biogas ? how it is produced ?

Bio-gas is a gas produced by the decomposition of organic materials such as municipal waste, sewage, plant materials, food waste, green waste, crop etc, in the absence of oxygen.
In the rural areas, the energy problems are solved by the use of Bio-gas which is adamant there. By using the Bio-gas plant we can save fossil, forest, cooking time, money and we can also reduce air pollution and water pollution. It will improve the lifestyle of rural people. In India, Bo-gas is produced by using goober (cow-dung), So it is known as Goober-gas. We require less tools for construction of Bio-gas- Plant.
Now a day usage of bio-gas is for important because it is a renewable energy source, reduce global warming, flexible and efficient use, destruction of food waste avail for farmers and its waste management.
Bio-gas is the combination of so many gaseous particles. They are 65 percent Methane, 30 percent Carbon-Di-Oxide, 4 percent Hydrogen, and 1 percent sulfur-dioxide. The production of Bio-gas is divided into various levels depending on the content of Carbon-dioxide in waste. They are,

1) Village, farm level.
2) House Hold Units.
3) Large City Level.
4) Industrial Level.

The different uses of gas are consumption for cooking, for gas lamp, for working on engines, (Examples: motor, vehicle fuel etc.).

The food wastes are collected in a digester tank placed in the ground through the inlet pipe from the kitchen. Gas produced from the decayed waste is stored in a gas tank holder. A byproduct of the waste is deposited in another tank placed nearby it for further purposes. The produced Biogas in the gas holder tank is connected in the kitchen to utilize it

Today disposal of bunching scum is of the main problem we are facing .In this condition, it can be avoided only through the Biogas plant. It can be very useful to nature as well as human.