Thumboormuzhi Composting

Thumburmoozhi model Aerobic Bin is a solution for organic waste management, which can be implemented in Corporations, Municipalities, Panchayat, Institution level and by residence associations. It is one of the world’s most efficient and cost effective waste management models. With the help of aerobic bins, biodegradable waste can be converted into compost, which can be used for soil conditioning for farming and gardening. It converts the biodegradable waste to non-toxic nutrients and don’t pose any associated issues to local residents. Gap fillers or Spacers are kept bar separated, so that there is sufficient opening for air circulation. Effective maintenance of Aerobic bins helps to prevent the emission of foul odor and the heat produced during the process to kills pathogens. Aerobic bins are constructed in such a way that, it enable proper air circulation, proper draining of leachate and an easy way of collecting biodegradable waste in layers. Moreover, no turning or mixing of the equipment is required.

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