Portable Biogas Plant

Biogas is a renewable, green and clean source of energy. In the absence of oxygen, the Green fuel is naturally produced from the breakdown of organic waste. For converting bio degradable waste into biogas and manure, Portable biogas plants are the safest option. We are fabricating portable bio-waste management plants capable of treating the wastes generated in houses, for producing green gas and bio manure, to make them available to the beneficiaries. The use of chemical fertilizers can be reduced by using bio manure for agriculture and through this Quality vegetables and grains can be produced. Using bio-methanisation technology, all domestic bio waste including wastewater can be treated hygienically. Biogas thus produced is a very good cooking fuel. This helps to prevent the tendency to throw the waste materials in roads and public places and maintains our surroundings clean.
Unique and strategic design is another specialty. We can install portable biogas plants that will fit into small spaces such as balconies, backyards and terraces. Portable biogas plants are customized in standard sizes with 0.5m3 0.75m3, 1m3, 1.5m3,3m3capacities. From 1 m3 biogas plant, nearly 1000 liters of methane can be captured and can be used as cooking fuel. It will burn up to 2 hours in single burner stove. Within 2 years, the entire investment can be gotten as cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. The benefit from methane emission reduction is another added advantage.

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