Plug & Play Biogas Plants

Regular waste disposal is a matter of concern in almost all Institutions like hostels, hospitals, convents, old age homes, etc. where a group of people is staying together. At the same time, the cooking fuel consumption will be very high, where large quantities of firewood and other cooking fuels are used for routine cooking purposes. The biogas generated will reduce the regular consumption of other cooking fuels like firewood and LPG.
In the case of Plug & Play biogas plants, there is no need to manually handle or carry waste to the Plant location. Instead of this, feeding of waste can be done directly from the Kitchen itself. The Plant has promised reliable long-term operation and is equipped with advanced Data Monitoring System (DMS). It readily provides the date such as the number of moves to the Kitchen or Outflow point, through a pipe from the Digester. DMS also provides continuous information on PH-Value, Temperature, Gas generation, etc. The output of 5-7Kgs can be produced from 100 Kg Food Waste or Degradable Waste. Our green gas plants can handle 75 Kg per day to 2 ton per day.

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