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We Safeguard The Environment

Company History


Bright Green Beginnings

Waste management is a key agenda for sustainable development of any country and VIVESTY GREEN RECYCLERS PVT LTD had been the part of sustainable development of India from the past five years. We had our humble start in the late 2013 at Kozhikode, the Malabar capital of God’s Own Country. Within the short period of five years we established our own mark in the waste management field, by treating a total of 1899 tons of solid waste and generating 32,954 m3 biogas (approx. figures Sept 2018).

The Golden Years

The year 2015, was a benchmark year of our evolution with the launch of PLUG & PLAY, which was an innovative product. Soon we received a great bunch of satisfied customers which motivated us to diversify our services. From the last three years, we are leading solution providers for both biodegradable solid and liquid waste management in Kerala. We have our branches in Maharashtra and soon in Karnataka.


In 2018 our founder Mr. proposed a remarkable vision: “Plastic waste management”. In the limelight of unemployment and women empowerment, we developed a business model to generate a descent income conveniently from plastic waste. Rather than exporting the plastic waste to large mills, transforming waste to valuable products with better quality is our idea. This socially committed Business idea received a warm greeting from IIM Kozhikode in 2018 and we are now incubated in IIM K- LIVE.


We always had a dream, which we endeavoured as a team, so we firmly believe in the quote of Mr Eleanor Roosevelt. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their DREAMS”

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